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“But that article doesn’t tell me what to do instead!” I’ve been contemplating this sentiment for a bit, and it has me a little rant-y.

I’m in marketing, and I can tell you for free that much of what you read on the internet is all about click bait. Something for people to hang advertising onto. Litmus testing to find out opinions, key words, what are people interested in and passionate about. What goes viral. Why? Do you think people care what is actually in your brain for purposes of building a better world or constructing a platform that represents your interests?

No. I’m so sorry, my best beloveds, but basically you as an online presence are only a commodity to the people writing the ads and hosting the forums.

That said, let’s look at the short article as a species, or at least, the one that caused this rant. This was the latest:

Truth - external rewards do not really work the way people want them to, or in the way that reason says they should. But then, people are not reasonable. The logic behind them is flawed. The blog here is a short one, pointing that out. But when a friend posted the blog online in context of school rewards, someone immediately said, “But it doesn’t say what we should do instead!” But. People forget that the word but tends to create a situation where the first part is then disregarded. “But it didn’t tell me what was better so I’m going to keep proceeding as I have been because I have no other choice.”

(If anyone cares, this tells you better what does motivate people -

What fundamentally worries me is that people read these short content blurbs and say, “But if you don’t give me a call to action/tell me what to think or do, I’m not going to change my ways.” That scares me a little. It reminds me of how many people are basically authoritarian, or respond to authoritarian ways without critical thinking and the self-determination required to go find a better, more correct path for them.

So they’ll always be victims of marketing, messaging, and FUD. Alas.


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