Oct. 22nd, 2013


Oct. 22nd, 2013 10:54 pm
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There was a day I put on a power corporate dress, the perfect shoes, war paint, and went in to pitch an idea to my company's global enterprise marketing assembly. My pitch was big picture: Making my company into a brand, complete with a slogan, a change in how we look at delivering content to people, and in general moving up to the level of global awareness at a brand level that currently only one of our product line has.

I feel ever so slightly guilty for how little pre-work I put into the idea. I whined a lot about the slides, because I suck at them. But I put a few sentences in each area as seemed appropriate for the topics as I interpreted the market-ese.

When I went up to pitch, I was maybe the third general topic. Our area, Information Security came after Backup/Storage. I watched the guy for backup before me get picked at by circling crows - and he was really well spoken, good clarity and vision. So I got some nerves, but made myself breathe and pretend to a confident posture I didn't have.

My turn. I stood up and told a story. I didn't look at the slides, because I not only didn't remember what was on them but I didn't really care. No one interrupted me. There were some questions toward the end, but mostly they were about quantifying my criteria for success. Which I am simply crap at, and wasn't asked for at that point anyway so I smiled quietly and waited. Hands at my sides. Open, neutral posture. Calm looking.

Just got the results back tonight. My idea was accepted as #2 corporate priority.

That is one hell of a dress.


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